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Garage Door Repair Thornhill

Garage Door Torsion Spring

The strength of springs might be extraordinary, but wears out overtime. This is entirely natural. The lifespan of springs is limited basically due to their heavy duty responsibility. They carry a heavy load and the spring coils lose their initial power as they get looser month after month. As a matter of fact, springs lose power each time the door moves and that’s why our garage door torsion spring adjustment and repair services are necessary.

We do provide professional services in Thornhill, Ontario and do help our clients with all spring issues/matters. You don’t have to have spring issues to turn to our Garage Door Repair in Thornhill, ON. Our team can be of assistance every time you want to make changes or just for maintenance.Garage Door Torsion Spring Thornhill

Expertise in torsion spring replacement and adjustment

Wondering why you would need our garage door torsion spring repair service without having specific problems?

* If you replace the existing door and get a heavier one, chances are you must replace the existing spring too. Let us help you find the right size and type

* If the door doesn’t move as it should and you can’t figure out why, let our technicians check whether your spring is the right one

* If you are not happy with spring performance, it might be due to the door’s higher expectations. You might need a second spring. This is extremely important for wide doors

We provide full garage door torsion spring Thornhill services. Whether you want our opinion, expertise, new springs, second torsion spring installation, repairs, lubrication, adjustment, or to find out our garage door torsion spring replacement cost, do contact us.

Contact us for torsion spring repair needs

We make torsion spring adjustment as soon as possible and rest assured that our professionals carry the right tools with them. We add and release spring tension, adjust the door, replace all types of springs, and replace and fix garage door torsion spring parts. We offer honest spring solutions, respond fast to your urgent calls, help homeowners with spring problems in Thornhill in a timely manner, and are experts in Clopay torsion spring systems, too.